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A compact, easy to use, portable pocket sized data logger—it's like a mini weather station. With 5 built-in sensors and an LCD display, the EcoLog XL is a powerful yet easy to use mini data logger designed for primary school science. A combination of the EcoLog and the EcoLog Timer with extra benefits like LCD and USB ports. Three intuitive keys enable students to stop, run and scroll samples as students monitor changes in temperature, light, sound, humidity and pressure. Can be used in the classroom, or outside. EcoLog XL can be linked to a computer or stand alone and set up to collect data.

With 5 built in sensors and more than 10 possible external sensors, the EcoLogXL is a comprehensive computer based laboratory able to monitor any scientific parameter in primary and middle schools—in the classroom, in the corridor or outside. The EcoLogXL comes in an affordable uniquely designed system.