ITSI-SU Sample Activities

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Elementary Grades 3 and 4

info try Wind generator —
(Sensor: Voltage)
Build a wind turbine and test different blade designs to generate electricity.
info try Sensing temperature —
Life Science
(Sensor: Temperature)
Compare the feeling of temperature with the result of a measurement.
info try Reflection and transmission of light —
Physical Science
(Sensor: Light)
Explore the reflection, scattering and transmission of white light.

Elementary Grades 5 and 6

info try Seasons: the changing position of the sun —
Earth and Space Science
(Sensors: Light, Temperature)
Explore how the changing position of the sun causes seasons on the earth.
info try Making Sounds —
Physical Science
(Sensor: Microphone)
In this activity students use Sound Grapher to investigate some of the properties of sounds made when students blow across the top of an open plastic bottle.

Middle School

info try Relative Humidity in Micro-environments —
Earth Science
(Sensor: Relative Humidity)
In this activity, you will use a relative humidity sensor and a soda bottle to measure humidity near surfaces, such as over a leaf or above an ice cube.
info try Galvanic Skin Response —
Life Science
(Sensor: Voltage)
In this activity, you will build a "lie detector" based on your skin's electrical conductivity.
info try Seeing Motion —
Physical Science
(Sensors: Temperature, Position)
In this activity you will investigate simple, straight-line motion.

High School

info try Body Temperature: Thermoregulation —
(Sensor: Temperature)
In this activity, you will observe and investigate differences in temperature at different locations on the body.
info try Boyle's Law —
(Sensors: Temperature, Pressure)
In this activity you will explore the relationship between pressure and volume in gases.
info try Forces - Equal and Opposite —
(Sensor: Force - 5N)
In this activity, you will use two force sensors to see if Newton's Third Law is really true!