What Are Probes?

What are probes?Probeware refers to hardware and software used for real-time data acquisition, display, and analysis with a computer, interface or calculator. This technology gives the learner new possibilities to explore and understand the world and to see it represented symbolically in ways that greatly increase comprehension. Browse our supplier index to see a variety of current sensors, interfaces and software available from leading vendors then visit our sensor suggestions page in the curriculum section which lists activity ideas for a variety of sensors.

Advancements in technology have led to small interface devices running sophisticated software and wireless communication. Browse our what's new section to learn more about the latest technology and related curriculum.

As a result of international research and development in this area, there exists a rich array of innovative devices, software, and curricula as well as some of the most convincing evidence for the value of this technology to improve learning. Read more about research in this area in our article links and bibliography.