The Concord Consortium Do It Yourself ProbeKit


Here is a list of materials included in the ITSI Probe Kit. They enable one to construct all of the probes listed on the ITSI site.

ITSI Probe kit contents


  • Digital Multimeter
  • Go-Link USB interface (Vernier) - not included
  • Header with cable (Vernier)
  • Experiment board
  • DC motor
  • Microphone


  • I-amp (Instrumentation amplifier)
  • Op-amp (Operational amplifier)
  • Temperature Sensor (IC - integrated circuit)
  • Phototransistor
  • LED - Red
  • LED - Green
  • Hall Effect magnetic field sensor
  • Magnet (1/8 x 3/8)
  • Variable resistor & knob
  • Assorted resistors
  • Assorted mylar capacitors
  • Assorted electrolytic capacitors


  • Thermocouple wire (iron & constantan, type J)
  • Heat shrink tubing (wire insulation, 2 colors)
  • Clip leads (4)
  • Solid wire (4 colors)
  • Black high density anti-static foam
  • Wire cutters
  • Mini screwdriver

To order more supplies, go to the complete list of sources and costs (Microsoft Excel format). There may be quantity discounts. Typically, the shipping is the same for 5 or for 500 of these small electronic parts.